Welcome to the


Hey it’s your boy Greatness! I’m glad to see you have made your way to my website. Due to demand from my people I have created the first t-shirt with our logo on it “Greatness”.

I came up with the Greatness logo myself with all of us in mind. It is an amazing statement for a movement anyone would be proud to be apart of. I am a fan of my fan, so I thank you and I admire y’all for having the courage to go against evil with me on the mission to spread love and positivity. Keep tabs with me on my site. If I am ever banned from a social media, I will update everyone on here.

My mission and goal at this point in my life is to spread love and peace and kindness. We must let our lights shine bright in this world and we the people must come together and stand together. We must lead by example. We all are examples to somebody and somebody is always watching. Together we can make true changes.

Thank you again for being apart of The Greatness Movement. I myself am just the face. The strength comes from the body – the body of this movement is 10 million plus strong and growing every day. I love you all. God loves you all. Jesus Loves you all.

Stay blessed!