Frequently Asked Questions

We want to clarify that we do not operate any subscriptions, request Cash App, Venmo transactions, cryptocurrency purchases, or gift card payments.

Any individuals contacting or being contacted on social media using a name similar to ours are fraudulent. We have no affiliation with these accounts and do not engage in scamming our supporters. Despite our efforts to block and report these fraudulent pages, they persist by creating new fake accounts regularly. We strongly advise reporting and blocking these fake profiles.

It’s important to note that we never initiate direct messages on social media, claim that you’ve won something, or ask for subscriptions. If you’ve provided your banking details to these individuals, we urge you to contact your bank immediately and report the incident.

Our official website,, is the sole legitimate platform for purchasing and supporting our movement. We exclusively sell our merchandise through this website only.

Blessings from Greatness exemplify acts of goodwill extended to individuals selected randomly. At Greatness, we incorporate these blessings by allocating them to random orders placed on our website or during encounters with Greatness in person.

These acts of kindness may encompass various items including, but not restricted to:

  • Jewelry
  • Vacation
  • Cash
  • Certified check
  • Greatness merchandise
  • Apparel
  • Stickers
  • Ear Buds
  • Drinking Tumblers
  • and more.

It’s imperative to recognize that blessings are construed as gifts and are neither assured nor promised to any singular individual. You are not required to purchase an item from our store, and by doing so – this is at your own free will.

It is crucial to note that requests for blessings cannot be accommodated. The selection of any certain type of blessing is exclusively at random, devoid of any prerequisites or compulsions for purchases from our online store. Therefore, while engaging with our merchandise, there exists no guarantee or commitment of receiving any certain type of blessing. 

Greatness Dollars constitute a promotional coupon offering. On designated Greatness Dollars giveaway days, upon making a qualifying purchase, customers shall receive a distinct 2000 Greatness Dollars voucher alongside their order upon delivery. These 2000 Greatness Dollars are redeemable solely on our website and hold a value of $100 applicable towards future orders valued at $300 or more. Utilize the specified promo code indicated on your Greatness Dollar during checkout for your next qualifying purchase.

We are excited to announce our Piggy Bank Cash Blessings, where 1 in 3 Piggy Bank sales are guaranteed a random cash blessing from Greatness. 

Please note that the cash blessing amounts are randomly assigned and cannot be chosen or exchanged. The blessing is valid for a limited time only, and terms and conditions apply.

By ordering our piggy banks, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by our company. We reserve the right to modify or cancel the blessing at any time without prior notice.

Piggy Banks are non-refundable! 

Greatness Gold Bars represent bundles of cash encased in gold wrapping paper. It is imperative to note that these are symbolic representations and not tangible gold bars. They form a segment of our assortment of random blessings.

Greatness Gold Boxes serve as assorted blessing boxes that encompass a range of potential contents, including but not limited to cash, Greatness apparel, merchandise, promotional products, and various other items. The items contained within the gold boxes are entirely randomized. It is important to note that there are no explicit assurances or guarantees of any particular item being included within any specific box allocated to an individual

Greatness Gold Cards serve as assorted blessing that encompass a range of potential contents, including but not limited to cash, Greatness apparel, merchandise, promotional products, and various other items. The items contained within the gold cards are entirely randomized. It is important to note that there are no explicit assurances or guarantees of any particular item being included within any specific card allocated to an individual

Purchases and Cameo bundles do not involve chance, luck, gambling, or any form of raffle. When you make a purchase, you’re acquiring a product and sharing your story with us. Each purchase of our Cameo includes an inspirational Cameo in return. Beyond the Cameo product, I select individuals at random to offer blessings based on the shared stories and connections formed.

Choosing whom to bless can be challenging as everyone experiences unique struggles. However, rest assured, each story receives prayers and inspiration. While not everyone may receive a blessing, our aim is to provide encouragement and support to all through prayers and inspirational messages.

Yes! You can still have an opportunity to possibly get blessed by Greatness. Click Here to get started. Please remember, as always, blessings are chosen at random. Your information will be stored and may be used for marketing purposes with The Real Greatness website only. Please review our Privacy Policy and TOS for more infomation.

In essence, it’s impossible for us to extend blessings to every individual, as much as we would desire to do so. Our videos outline our practice of randomly selecting orders of our merchandise for blessings. Your purchase essentially supports our movement. The selection process is entirely random, with no specific individuals singled out. If you happen to be one of the recipients of our blessings, you will find relevant information enclosed within your merchandise order and your blessing.

We regret to inform you that refunds will not be issued in the event of not receiving a blessing. All blessings by Greatness are selected at random, and while we strive to extend blessings, their distribution is not guaranteed or eligible for refund.

Refunds or exchanges will solely be considered under specific circumstances, such as the receipt of incorrect items or damage occurring during shipment, subject to approval by our management team. For any claims regarding incorrect orders, we require photographic evidence for verification purposes.

Most orders are processed and shipped out in 7-10 business days (10-14 total days).

You can track your order here: TRACK MY ORDER

Most orders are shipped within 14 days. If your order has not been shipped within 14 days of placing our order, please contact us.

Your order number can be found in the email sent to you upon placing your order. If you misspelled your email address, you will not have received the order details. Please contact us with your name, phone number and email address used on your order and we will find your order # for you.

If your order says complete, this means we have finished the processing of your order and it is now ready for shipping and/or has shipped out. Please track your for shipping information or check your email for shipping information. (Please note to check your spam folder as well).

We understand your concern regarding the non-receipt of your package. Once the item leaves our warehouse, the delivery process is beyond our control. If your package is marked as delivered but hasn’t arrived, we recommend checking with neighbors first. Should the issue persist, we advise initiating a claim with the designated shipping provider (UPS or USPS).

In the unfortunate event of suspected theft, we encourage filing a report with your local police department. Upon receipt of a copy of the claim and/or report, we will review the situation and, upon management approval, proceed with either refunding or resending the order to you.

Please note, in the case of recurring incidents, we reserve the right to withhold refunds, and the customer assumes responsibility for the loss of the order.

We provide full refunds, excluding any processing charges, within 72 hours of the initial purchase in the event of an error, address change, or urgent needs. However, for orders made after the 72-hour window, full refunds are not available. We may consider item exchanges if necessary and upon approval by our management.

Please note that refund processing times typically range from 1 to 5 business days. We’d like to emphasize that this timeframe is beyond our control, as it depends on the banks’ procedures to return funds to the payment method used for the order.